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Chris Orwat

Owner // Director of Photography // Editor

Chris is passionate about the art of filmmaking and loves creating high quality, beautiful films for his clients.  In 1999, Chris first discovered his love for filmmaking while creating short films of his friends while in college.  He then picked up a camera to begin filming live events to start building his own unique style to his brand of cinematography.  Since then he has moved into professional video production doing award winning commercial quality work for businesses and individuals.  These video productions include documentaries, brand stories, reels, promotional spots, on-line training courses, music videos and live event coverage.  Chris has won several awards for video production.  The short list includes ICON awards, ILEA awards and a three Emmy Award for video production.

When Chris is not on set or geeking out over camera gear you might find him enjoying the Colorado outdoors with his family and friends camping, hiking, skiing and/or running.

Pure Cinematography works with your team to build the crew you'll need for your video production.  We work with several talented professionals in the film making industry both locally in Denver and outside Colorado.  These professionals include directing, director of photography, producing, camera operator, FAA licensed drone operators, grip & gaff, sound mixing & design, production design, hair & makeup, editing, motion graphics, and more.

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