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music videos.

We work with local or national bands looking to create an official music video, and event bands looking to create a promotional video to show the world their unique look and sound. We offer a full service video production from pre-production to production to post-production.  We love working directly with artists, bands and their management teams to create a concept for their music video or if the concept already exists we can run with it.  If the music video is a promotional piece or for an original piece of music we can help to scout locations, work out the shot list for production day and figure out the crew and cast needed to create the music video.  Please spend a few minutes and check out some the music videos we filmed and edited in Colorado.  We also took on an editing role for some music video productions shot in Australia.

title: Laura Brehm - "The Dawn Is Still Dark"

title: Laura Brehm - "The Dawn Is Still Dark"

title: A Little Off - "The Space Between Us"

title: Enceladus - "Clockwork"

title: Hellgrammites - "Airtopioca"

title: Karen Jacobsen - "Ready For What I Came Here For"

title: Face Cover - "Pompeii - Bastille"

title: Party Singers - Aira Gray - Promo

title: Karen Jacobsen - "Take Me To Hayman Island"

title: Party Singers - Rockslide Variety Band - Promo

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