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Are you looking for an award winning Production Company for your next documentary?  Welcome, you've come to the right place.  We love to partner with professionals, producers, and non-profits to bring their story to life in digital cinema.  We can take your documentary to the next level.  We are a full service video production company, which means we can work with you on every step of the filmmaking process from concept to delivery of the final film.  We invite you to sit back and enjoyt some of our documentary work below.  Many productions are Colorado video productions produced in the Denver area, but we also travel outside Colorado to film.

title: Surviving Life With Cancer - part 2

This Emmy award winning documentary tells the emotional story of two breast cancer survivors in two different worlds from, two different perspectives, and how they now both give back to their communities by volunteering with Susan G Komen.  In 2016, this film was nominated for three different Emmy awards in editing, cinematography and short form program.  It won for cinematography.

title: Surviving Life With Cancer - part 1

This documentary tells the story of Cindy Bolin, a three time breast cancer survivor.  Learn how her husband Bret and daughter Maya both support her on her never ending battle, and how she gives back to the community that has supported her there battle.

title: Ysleta Mission History and Festival

Filmed in El Paso, Texas, this documentary explores the history, culture and food of the Ysleta Mission and it's annual festival.  The famous gorditas are one of the key foods that festival patrons come to enjoy year after year. 

title: Conquering Kidz Cancer

Filmed in New York City, the Matthews Family tells us the story of Taylor Matthews, founder of Tay-bandz. In this short documentary, we learn about the Conquering Kidz Cancer non-profit organization based out of New York City.

title: ILEA Film Project

Filmed over a 4 year period, this documentary explores the heart of what makes the ILEA family and what drives it's members to be apart of the organization.

title: A Steamboat Springs Love Story

Meet Kristen and Keith as they tell their love story in the beautiful Colorado town of Steamboat Springs.

title: Bake It Forward

Three Colorado food bloggers unite to bake some sweets for firemen in their community.  They wanted to show their appreciation during the Holiday season, and pass it on so others may want to join the "Bake It Forward" movement.

title: Forte Events - Amanda

This personalized documentary explores Amanda's passion for art and how she brings that passion and skill set to Forte Events, a Colorado based events company.

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