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"Bake It Forward" // Denver Documentary Film Production

Bloggers meet the firemen

We wanted to give back over the Holiday’s and donate some time. Yvette Marquez from Muy Bueno Cookbook asked us if we join up with her on a project. She wanted to produce a short documentary along with two other food bloggers, Erin with Dinner's, Dishes and Desserts and Toni with Boulder Locavore. Yvette, Erin and Toni wanted to bake some treats and give them to local fire fighters in their community to say thanks. When she explained the project we were definitely game to tell this story, which they call “Bake It Forward” …and the concept is quite simple. Get together with some friends, bake some treats and give them to someone to brighten their day. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to bake it forward too. Please check out this Denver documentary film production. Thanks for watching and sharing!

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